See The Shocking Thing This Man Did In Public Which Causes Public Debate-[SEE PHOTOS]

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In Vietnam this weird act took place. In a Buddhist ritual of power and strength, a monk is sitting in a pot full of hot oil, under the fire, as illustrated in the above image. The man stayed calm and did not seem to sense pain or burns despite the boiling of the oil in the pot.So can a human being resist a boiling oil bath in your opinion? Although he’s focused, although he’s trained, my answer to that is: no!

This is only a scam worthy of the worst huckster of the fairground. I’ll tell you, I explain. It’s not very boiling oil in the above pictures. The oil is about 300°, very highly boiling.

It’s the pot that is rigged in those photos. It has a double hull and an isolating space.

Instead, they add another liquid into the oil, most probably some alcohol that has a very low boiling point, so that the pot content looks boiling.


Beyond that, it would cause third-degree burns in a matter of minutes. And all the meditation in the world wouldn’t change the fact that the skin would be severely burned if the temperature was too high.

However, the liquid remains very hot, and most people would not stand this temperature, but it is not more than 50°.

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