See The Sad Story Of this Rich Man Who Had Expensive Cars Now Captured On The Street Begging And Now Homeless

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A sad story of a man who moved from grace to grass has been shared on the internet and it’s amassing vast viewership. 


The man, Stafford Malcolm was a very rich man who once worked one of Jamaica’s largest commercial banks plus owned an expensive car. The Jamaica Gleaner reports that Malcom is now homeless has to beg before he can find something to eat.

“I worked at the Spanish Town Road branch of National Commercial Bank, I don’t remember how long, but now mi sick and need help. Beg you a $100, please,” Malcolm told reporters.

His plight was made public by a neighbor called named Alfred ‘Macca’ Thompson. “Bossy, look over di gully there, that is a sad story. It is a human being that you are looking at, and him usually work at a bank. Now, rain wet him and sun burn him,” said Macca.

Those who know him attest that he is not violent neither does he give people problems as long as he gets some little money for his food.

Malcolm used to drive a nice car According to Jean Taylor, one of the residents who remember him, Malcolm not only used to drive a nice car to and from work, but also helped make the community proud.


“I remember him very well, as we were neighbors in Grateful Hill,” Taylor recollected. Details indicate that the former banker, who is an alumnus of Oberlin High School, is a father of three children but has no recollection of their whereabouts.

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