See The Moment These SHS Girls Were Captured On Camera Climbing A Tall Wall To Escape From School-[WATCH VIDEO]

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Climbing walls and running away from school are both prohibited by school policy. The proper procedure is to obtain permission from the school administration so that they are aware of your plans.

However, some students do not ask for permission since they are aware that the school administration will not allow them to visit areas such as nightclubs, parties, or beaches.

Looking at the pictures in this article, some Senior High School (SHS) girls are seriously climbing a tall wall. They are escaping from school while classes are in session. One cannot tell where they are going but definitely, it is not a place they can ask for permission.

The girls were heard in the video saying, “Remove your shoes. Esther Nyarko, please push me so that I can climb. As for you, you can climb this easily”. Some of the girls do not have the ability to climb the tall wall. In view of this, those who can climb it very fast and easy have to push the weak ones to climb before they also climb.

For example, the girl in your picture above was pleading with those who can climb to push her so that she can climb. Some Ghanaians after coming across this video hilariously called on IGP to arrest these girls.

You can also watch the video through the link below:


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