See The Moment a Cross-Dresser Was Disgraced In Public Boys On The Street -[SEE PHOTOS]

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It will interest and shock you to know what some residents did to a man who in an uncultured way, thus looking different than usual a man.

Per what PAULLINGUAL.COM has seen and convened seems many Africans dislike such a way of men dressing like a woman and will do anything they feel like doing to those who put on that.

Cross-dressing is becoming more popular in Nigeria, and street boys are doing everything they can to prevent men from doing so, which is why they disgrace every cross-dresser whenever they get the chance.

It can be remembered that some street kids disgraced James Brown, a well-known Nigerian cross-dresser.

The same thing happened again in Lagos State, this time by some street boys. They gathered in Lagos State and humiliated an aspiring cross-dresser who was filming one of his skits.

A blog known as “Lindaikejiblogofficial” posted a video showing how the incident occurred. The cross-dresser was filming one of his skits when some street boys gathered around him, dragged and ripped his clothing, as seen on camera.

One young man came up to the cross-dresser and poured water on her while the street boys were pulling and beating her. Even though residents in the area pleaded with the street boys to quit the cross-dresser, they refused. They continued to beat and humiliate the cross-dresser.

In a later video, the cross-dresser who was humiliated by the street boys cried out. He said he had no idea what he had done to embarrass himself in the eyes of the street boys.


Do you agree that cross-dressers should be beaten by street boys? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the section below. Thank you.

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