See The Heartbreaking Message National Service Teacher Sent To Akufo Addo-[SEE PHOTOS]

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Some of us can never stop talking about schools under trees, poor communities without a proper school building, children trekking miles on foot before reaching school compounds, children swimming across a river or stream every morning before they could get to school, and so many other heartbreaking challenges when it comes to educational equality in this country. The only way to bring any country ahead is through proper education on a national level. All of the world’s developed countries have made significant investments in their educational systems, but this is not the case in many African countries.

It’s still hard to comprehend that there are still students who don’t have a desk at school. When there is an excess of timber and other resources, they must carry their own kitchen stools back and forth on a daily basis. Many tragic photographs and videos of schoolchildren sleeping on the floor with their books due to a lack of tables and chairs have already leaked online.

Looking at the kind of Atta Kwame building he was sent to teach as a national service teacher, an anonymous teacher has conveyed a message to the first gentleman of the land, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo, to come to their help. The entire construction is made of mud, with palm fronds serving as iron rods for support.

The pupils were shown strolling on a dusty floor in the classroom in the footage shared by the anonymous national service teacher. The edifice appears to be crumbling apart, yet they have no choice except to risk their lives every day learning under such conditions.


Something must be done quickly before we lose our future leaders, as happened a few years ago when a shaky school structure fell, killing innocent children. As one person, we all deserve equality.

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