See The Brilliant Reply Kwesi Pratt When He Was Asked If Lordina Should Also Refund Monies Paid To Her

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Several calls have been made on Lordina Mahama to refund monies paid to her when her husband was president. Many have maintained that since Rebecca Akufo-Addo has returned all monies paid to her, it is only proper that Lordina also returns monies paid to her. Kwesi Pratt has also added her voice to the discussion when he appeared on Metro TV’s ‘Good Morning Ghana’.


Kwesi Pratt explained that what Lordina Mahama during her time as First Lady was receiving were allowances and not salaries. He went on to say that no one justified what she was receiving with Article 71 and so he feels it is immature for anyone to call on her to refund monies. In his own words, this is “childish”.


“It is the first time. It has never happened before so this attempt at equalization is poor, shoddy and disgraceful. It is not something we should be doing. Now we are told this is something that has always been there. This doesn’t make sense. The other thing I have seen is a call on the former First Lady to also return the money. Which former First Lady has also received payment on the basis of Article 71? No one has made that allegation and there is no evidence that First Ladies have been receiving salaries on the basis of Article 71.

Nobody is against allowances. It has been there. Per diem is an allowance. A stipend is an allowance. That is not an issue. What should she refund? Refund what? This is a childish attempt at equalization and it makes me sick. It is not worth anything” Kwesi Pratt explained.


Lordina Mahama has so far remained firm and is yet to say anything relating to returning monies paid her. She however came out to debunk forged letter purporting to say she plans on refunding allowances paid her.

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