SEE How To Use Mango Leaves And Guava Leaves To Treat Weakness In Bed Naturally-[CHECK OUT]

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1. Mango leaves are loaded up with therapeutic and mending properties. Mango leaves are plentiful in nutrients C, B and A. They are likewise wealthy in flavonoids and phenol which give against oxidant properties to the leaves.

2. Guava leaves are utilized as a natural tea and the leaf separate as an enhancement. Guava leaves are incredibly plentiful in cancer prevention agents, nutrient C, potassium, and fibre. This wonderful supplement content gives them numerous medical advantages


The shortcoming in bed can influence men, all things considered, however, is particularly regular in more seasoned men. The most well-known issues identified with sexual brokenness incorporate discharge problems, erectile brokenness and repressed sexual longing. These issues can regularly be revised by treating the basic causes.



I realize you were unable to need anything over to know how it is finished. Get some new guava leaves and mango leaves.

Take 10 new guava leaves and mango leaves, wash the leaves altogether with faucet water.

Take a pot, pour 1 ½ cup of water and let it bubble on a medium fire for 3 minutes.

At that point add the washed guava leaves and the mango leaves to it and let it bubble for 5-minutes. After that pour the water and channel to eliminate any piece of leaf.



Take half a cup of concentrated double each day by adding two spoons of honey.

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