See How American Celebrity 50 Cent  Intentionally Lost Weight Drastically For A Movie Role That Raised Reactions On Social Media- [WATCH] 

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50 Cent, also known as Curtis Jackson, is an American actor, rapper, producer and entrepreneur. He is perhaps best known for his music, but has also had some noteworthy acting roles in films such as “Get Rich Or Die Tryin” and “Home of the Brave.” In addition to his entertainment career, he has invested in technology, gaming and beverages.

He has also been involved in several business ventures including Vitamin Water, which was sold to Coca-Cola for $4.1 billion dollars. One would think that with all of this going on in his life, the last thing 50 Cent would ever have time to do would be to intentionally lose weight for a movie role. But that is exactly what he did when he lost 54 pounds (25 kg) to play a cancer patient in the movie “Things Fall Apart” back in 2011.

While there are many ways in which people can lose weight intentionally such as exercising more or eating healthier 50 Cent’s method was extreme even by Hollywood standards: He ate nothing but liquid meals for nine weeks straight! From October to December 2010 he subsisted exclusively on a diet consisting of just two cans of Ensure and water each day. 


A shockingly thin 50 Cent who looked like he hadn’t eaten a meal in years. While 50 Cent received praise for his willingness to lose 54 pounds of muscle mass for the sake of the film, he was also criticized by fans who felt that he took things too far. However, the rapper doesn’t seem bothered by any negative feedback or speculation about his health.

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