See Beautiful Photos Of SHS Couples Flexing In Uniforms During WASSCE Season That Will Make You Jealous-[SEE PHOTOS]

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Today marks the graduation day of some senior high school students. As the Integrated Science paper is about to be completed, so many final year students are going to say goodbye to high school as they write their final papers. It has been a three year journey full of mixed experience. The good and bad times in school all blend to give an experience that will come to help later in life.

Of course there are certain activities and situations that will never be forgotten. The high school quiz completions and debates give us moments that will always be remembered. The sports week is always my favourite, as we get to meet new schools and have fun throughout a whole week. The entertainment night was not something I fancied, but it also provided us with some good feelings as well.

If you think I have forgotten, it is all a lie. There is no way we can talk about high school experiences without remembering the dining food. That food even though not so delicious is the saviour of most students. Of course we complain that the food is not so good, but at the end of the day we eat up the whole plate and go back to our studies.

One thing that can also not be forgotten is the excursion or tour days. This is one thing that drives us out of school without having to sign an exit form. It is also like a holiday in disguise. The free gate days also help take a walk in town and study the society in which our school is situated.


High school is a place that has really taught us so many good things, that is why we try as much as we can to create good memories of this place. Check out these photos of some beautiful high school couples flexing in their uniforms that will make you miss school. Follow me and check out my page for more amazing high school content.

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