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Demons are believed to be evil spirits that have fallen from the grace of God due to their disobedience and disrespect towards God. These evil entities used to stay in the presence of God for several years until the great war in heaven led to their dismissal from their abode in heaven. Revelation 12:7-16.

After these powerful spiritual entities lost their habitation in the heavenly abode, they migrated to the earth and dwelled in the physical elements such as trees, mountains, rivers, and the sea. The intention of these spirits is to influence the activities of humanity on earth. As a result, many people are possessed and controlled in their daily lives by these demonic spirits.

Demons don’t want to be detected when inhabiting the human body. They, therefore, hide in specific parts of the body to conceal themselves. This short article will reveal the specific parts of the body where demons can hide themselves to avoid detection and exorcise. Lets set the ball rolling.

(1) Thighs.

Demons mostly conceal themselves in human thighs to avoid detection. You can only cast out a demon if you observe it in the human body. But these powerful spirits hide in human thighs to prevent exorcists from seeing them. The demonic spirits also manipulate these victims to put on dresses that expose their thighs and other parts of the body to the public view.

(2) Human Hairs.

Demonic spirits can hide in human hairs especially those who put on hair extensions. Hairs can be a powerful dwelling place of the spirits. Remember, Sampson spirit was inside his hairs. The mighty spirit of God in Sampson only departed after the Philistines had shaved his hairs.

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(3) Human Eyes.

The light of the body is the eyes. The eyes of man are the gateway to the human body. If a demon manages to enter a person’s eye, it gets control of the person’s body. Any demonic entity will fight hard to get possession of a person’s eye to fully control the actions of that individual.

(4) Human Ear.

Demonic spirits also hide in human ears to block their ears from hearing the truth that can save them. That’s why many people always hear the truth but cannot make the firm decision to obey. Except these spirits are cast out, there is no way such victims of possession will be free. As soon as the truth is preached to them, the demons will plant forgetfulness inside these people.

(5) The Stomach.

Demonic Spirits can also live in a person’s tummy to cause severe stomach upset. They can spiritually block the fallopian tube of women to cause barrenness. This spirit can also plant addiction in the stomach to force the victim to become addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, Indian hemp, etc.

(6) Genital organ.


A demonic spirit can also possess the genital organ of either a male or female to spread a specific spiritual disease from one person to another. This is very common in African churches where demons make confession of possessing a genital organ of a male to spread spiritual venom to other persons through a s3xual encounter.

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