See 5 Parts Of Your Body That You Should Never Shave No Matter What-[CHECK OUT]

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For many people, shaving is just a daily routine.

It might be for the enhancement of our look or for hygienic reasons.

Shaving can be carried out under the shower or any place you find convenient but do you know the negative effects if the wrong area is shaved and when the wrong device is used for shaving?

Sometimes people use substandard, blunt razor blades which is quite a bad practice.

Also, have you ever asked yourself why hair grows on the areas that we shave?

In this article, we will cover much of that and the areas you shouldn’t shave.


There was a time shaving eyebrow used to be very acceptable but people, later on, realized that it is very unnatural and tends to look choppy.

Instead of shaving that area, you should try out waxing, tweaking, or maybe threading.


Some people tend to shave the thin blonde or sometimes dark hairs that grow on the neck. This hair is there to regulate heat during cold.

Upper and lower lip

This is for women who are not blessed with appropriate gender hair growth, but the moment you start shaving them you pave way for fast track facial hair growth, and they will multiply massively.


Commonly known as the treasure trail and it would be best if you resist the urge of shaving it because the moment you shave, and they regrow back, the results will be very unattractive and also unfriendly.


Instead of shaving the hair on your arms, you should wax them.


This is because the moment you shave them the results are stubbly and very unpleasant to touch.

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