See 10 Funny Ways To Ask A Girl For Her Number-[CHECK OUT]

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When you’re having fun with a girl and your conversation is over, it’s time to ask for her number. It’s good to ask directly, but not too funny or funny. Instead, find a clever way to get his number and make him laugh. Here are 10 fun and effortless ways to ask a girl for a phone number.

1. “I lost my number. Can I have yours? ”

This is a fantastic joke that will surprise you. Open a new contact option on your phone so it only takes a second to type. This line can be used for a stranger or someone you know briefly.

2. “Something’s wrong with my phone! Your number does not exist. ”

To get their attention, pretend your phone is broken. Tell him the only way to fix it is to add his phone number when he asks what happened. If your phone is cracked or damaged in any way, this line is even funnier!

3. “Could you hold my phone?” Oh, and add your number! ”

Do this when you tie your shoes or straighten your hair. Before handing over your phone, make sure the Add Contact screen is open and ready to use. If he puts his name and phone number on your phone, he’s more likely to laugh.

That’s a great line to say to a girl you’ve talked to a few times. Maybe you don’t want to give your phone to someone you don’t know

4. “How can I propose to you if I don’t have your number?”

Try this line if you’ve been flirting for a long time. Some girls will find this cheese, but others will appreciate the fact that you are considering a long term relationship. He may turn red while typing your phone number on his phone.

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Use this line after talking for a while. He would understand that it was real like that.

5. “I have added your name to my contacts. The number just disappeared. ”

Once you’ve both introduced yourselves, use this one. If you are not familiar with this, just enter the name in the new contact option. Then give him your phone so he can fill in the rest of the information.

6. “Would you mind texting me to see if my phone is working?”

With this line, you can take their phone number secretly. Give him your phone number and ask him to text you. You can let him know that your phone is working and thank him for giving you your number. Consider the following:

“We only realized it then. Now that I have your number, we can talk later! Thank you very much.”

7. “I’ll give you my number first, but I have trust issues.”

Say it with a wink and a smile on your face. You can call them to give you their phone number before you even ask. After flirting and talking for a while, try this line.

If you’re using this line above text, end it with a smiley face to let you know you’re kidding.

8 “At some point, we can understand each other. What is your phone number? ”

Pretend you think you won’t like him the first time you meet him. If you’ve exchanged a few taunts back and forth, go to the next level when you ask for her number. That way, he knows that you are a crazy and kind person.

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This line can be formed or broken by your tone. So he doesn’t think you’re serious, just smile and laugh a little when you say it.

9. “You want my number, don’t you?”


He teases her in a playful and flirtatious way. When your call ends, pretend he’s asking for your number. You can then ask for their phone or plug your phone into theirs.

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