Sad News Befall Russian President, Putin, As He Is Given 3 Years To Live By Doctors’ Due Dangerous Health Complications- DETAILS

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According to information revealed by a reliable social media platform called Sahara Reporters, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin has reportedly been warned he has not less than two to three years to live as the due to his health issue.

While speaking with the press, an FSB officer described Vladimir Putin’s condition as a severe form of rapidly progressing cancer, adding that the wartime leader has no more than two to three years left, and he is also losing his sight.

This information came just a few hours before the outstanding President, Vladimir Putin appeared on state TV meeting with Alexander Lukashrnko in Sochi, when he was seen clumsily entwining his feet while the pair sat down for the meeting.

The source also revealed that Vladimir Putin has refused to wear sunglasses over fears it would admit a form of weakness, however, the situation is really getting out of control.


A few hours after this information was disclosed, a lot of people across the country have been showing their concerns. The majority is of the view that he recovers quickly.

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