Sad News As High School Girls Caught In Bar Fighting Over Memory Card, One Stabbed To Death ;Killer Arrested- DETAILS

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A 16-year-old girl is currently facing the wrath of the law after she fiercely engaged in a brutal fight with her age-mate over a 2 GB memory card, ending up stabbing and killing her friend. The victim borrowed the suspect her memory card, and when she went to her shop to demand it back, the suspect hacked her to death.

It’s unknown what the content inside the 2GB that made the suspect refuse to part ways with it and choose to stab her friend to death. According to news circulating all over social media, The two girls hail from Kenya, and the victim went to the suspect’s shop, a mini bar, to collect her 2GB memory card.

The victim refused to let go and instead started fighting with her after she refused to give her back her 2 GB memory card. The two fought each mercilessly before the suspect picked up a knife and used it to stab her to death and quickly ran to hide.


The victim has been arrested, but do you think she should be charged with murder, even though she claimed she was defending herself, and she is unlikely to go to jail because they are both minors? It’s a pity the victim lost her life over a 2 GB ordinary memory card.


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