Sad News As 4 Police Officers Shot Dead By Unknown Gunmen-[SEE PHOTOS]

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On the internet, a photo of four police officers being brutally murdered in Oji, Oji Rivers, Enugu State, has surfaced and is going virals on social media.


The crime occurred in Enugu State, according to police sources and reports, but only recently surfaced on the internet.

The release of this film is thought to be in response to the murder of a Chief Superintendent of Police, Kazeem Abode, who was assassinated by marauding motorcycle riders in the Ajao Estate area of Lagos State last Thursday.


Abonde was shot with his service gun, and then machetes were used to attack him by the unknown gunmen’s.

He was killed nine months after his retirement.

The video further highlighted the fixated attacks on policemen in different parts of the country since the #EndSARS crisis.

These killings have been carried out more in the southeastern part of Nigeria.

A Deputy Commissioner of Police, who spoke with our reporter on the condition of anonymity, said of the incident captured on video: “The incident happened in Enugu State, at least two weeks ago.

“The policemen were attached to the Safer Highway.

“They were killed by unknown gunmen and no arrest had been made.”

The minute-and-42-second video showed four dead police officers on the ground in a filthy room.


One of their wrists was severely severed.


In a pool of congealing blood, they were still dressed in their uniforms.


Another police officer’s voice could be heard bemoaning the heinous manner in which the men were killed

He also mentioned the names of the slain policemen as Sergeant Ejike, Inspector Michael, Inspector James and Sergeant Obuneme.

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His words: “This is Sergeant, Sergeant Ejike and Inspector Michael…they are lying dead as a result of the attack on Oji, Oji River Road.

“May their souls rest in peace.

“And they lost four able men: two Inspectors and two Sergeants.

“We recovered Ejike’s corpse this morning, with the help of our other colleagues.

“Hi, this is Inspector James, a good friend and colleague of mine.


“He died from bullet wounds.


“Your soul is in good health.


“We’re not going to part any longer.”


“This is sergeant Obuneme, and your souls are in good health.


“Lord, have mercy!” exclaims the narrator.

“Take a look at this one; they even cut off his hands before shooting him in the head.


“Oh no!” exclaims the speaker.


“God will fight for you people,” says the narrator.


On the same day, police officers from the Onipanu Division in Ota, Ogun State, were ambushed and robbed of a rifle while on duty at a pin down site along the Obasanjo-Itele Road.

Inspector Olabisi Lawrence, AP No. 208199, and Inspector Atari Friday, AP No. 208194, were part of the police team led by Assistant Superintendent of Police Nasiru Azeez, AP No. 155386.


They were accosted by thugs.


Friday had a major head injury as a result of the incident, and his AK47 rifle was taken away.


The gun had 30 rounds of live ammunition and the breach number was 804611.



Friday is now being treated at the Ota State Hospital.


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The police have reportedly stepped up their efforts to apprehend the fleeing criminals and recover the rifle.


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