Sad As Man Buries His Less Than 2-Years-Old Son Alive Under Prophetess’ Order At Breman Brakwa

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It will shock you to know that a man has landed himself in trouble after ignorantly did what a Prophetess ordered.

According to a police report, the suspect’s tenant, Abubakari Mohammed, aged 59, lodged a complaint on May 27, 2021, to the effect that his landlord was seen together with two unidentified women; one holding a child, digging the ground behind their house.

“…He [Abubakari Mohammed,] questioned Paul Adobaw who told him they were carrying out a traditional rite, but later detected they buried the child as such informing the police,” the police report indicated.

A grave was found covered behind the building of complainant Abubakari Mohammed, who identified it to the police as where the incident occurred.

Police instructed the suspect to open the grave and the body of deceased Yaw Adobaw, aged one and half, was found lying naked in a prone position in the grave.

Further investigations revealed that the suspect Paul Adobaw alias Kojo Okor, is married to one Yaa Atta at Brakwa and they have five children with the deceased Yaw Adobaw being their fourth child. The deceased from the time of his birth was not able to walk.

Due to such a situation the father consulted Prophetess Ama Nkansah at Gomoa Eshiem who told the suspect that the baby is a spiritual child from a river and if he doesn’t return the baby back to the river gods, he will continue giving birth to such babies.

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On that fateful night, the suspect and the Prophetess had sent the baby to the backyard of the complainant near a stream called Gyankobeng, where they dug a grave, performed some rituals on the child and buried him alive.

The body was exhumed, washed and carefully inspected by the police and blood was found oozing from the nostrils and the mouth.

Photographs of the body and the crime scene were taken to serve as evidence.

The body was then conveyed and deposited at Our Lady of Grace Hospital Mortuary Breman Asikuma for preservation and autopsy.

Suspect Paul Adobaw is in custody assisting investigations.


The prophetess is, however, on the run.

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