Reduce Your Intake Of These 6 Foods When You Are Above 25Years In Order To Live Long-[CHECK OUT]

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A good and healthy life is what every single person on earth desire to have. However, ladies, of nowadays are living their life anyhow they like and eating whatever they feel like eating without going through the nutritional value of it. So many women and young ladies have lost their lives and died an untimely death due to their ignorant way of life. Some of them leave this world without a husband and children and also without achieving their dreams.

Living a healthy lifestyle requires eating the right food. Food is a very important aspect of a human being’s lifestyle, which cannot be left ignorantly. Women are a more delicate creature than men and they are easily affected by heart diseases, cancer, kidney problems, high blood pressure and others gotten by eating some certain kind of unhealthy food excessively.

Some eating habits and diet might be good and favourable when a lady is younger and below the age of 25. But once a lady clocks 25, there is some food she must reduce her intake of, in order to live longer. See them below;


1. Ice cream.

Ice cream is one of the foods which ladies can not do without, especially on a hot afternoon. It has lots of health dangers, especially when taken excessively.

2. Soft Drinks.

There are some ladies who love drinking soft drinks so much, they can hardly eat any meal without drinking soft drinks and this is very dangerous.

3. Fatty Foods.

Some ladies don’t like cooking and therefore, they prefer buying fatty foods which are very high in fat and cholesterol. And these are the major causes of heart diseases and cancer.

4. Cigarettes and Alcohol.


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Most people these days are very fond of smoking and drinking alcohol even more than their male folks. This is very wrong and helps to reduce the lifespan of a person, both male and female.

5. Red Meat.

Red meat is actually what most ladies prefer eating. But this is not as healthy as eggs or fish. So please if you want to live long as a lady, please stay away from red meat.


6. Junk foods like Indomie, Spaghetti.

A lot of ladies love eating noodles and pasta more than normal foods and this is very bad. Reduce your intake of these foods in order to live long.

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