Reactions As Woman Spotted Helping Her Boyfriend To Escape From Storey Building After Her Husband Returns Home Unexpectedly- [WATCH VIDEO]

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A woman has been caught in a video helping her boyfriend to escape from her husband.

A married woman has been caught on camera helping her boyfriend to escape from a storey building.

In a hot afternoon the husband returned home unexpectedly when the wife was having fun with another man in their bedroom.

When the husband opened the door and entered the hall, the wife was quick to notice so she quickly got her boyfriend to es escape from the bedroom without the husband noticing.

She made the boyfriend use the balcony and helped him to scale down from the storey building.

Even before the boyfriend would jump, the woman had thrown down his shirts, trousers and shoes.



Unfortunately for them someone down there who chanced on the chaotic scene recorded with his phone.

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