Reactions As Wife Mercilessly Beaten By House Help For Accusing Her Of Eloping And Sleeping With Husband- [WATCH ]

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A middle-aged woman is in trouble with authorities for allegedly threatening to kill her employer. Milly Limo allegedly threatened to elope with her employer’s husband while delivering the death threat.

The 34-year-old woman was charged at the law courts, where she denied the charges leveled against her. Joyce Chepkoech, 34, was beaten nearly to death by a house girl after she accused her of eloping and sleeping with her husband without any concrete proof to show in court.

Joyce, a successful business woman who leaves her husband with her house girl, told the court that she had been suspecting her employee of playing behind her back before setting a trap and catching them red-handed. She accuses her house help of sleeping around with her husband in retaliation for her house help’s besting her to a stupor unrecognisable before she could call the police.


“We left the house together with my husband to go to work, and he returned home secretly.” She told the court she set a trap for them and eventually caught them. The house help was previously arrested by police, tried and pleaded not guilty to the allegation. The judge granted her bail of 50,000 and remanded her till the bail charge is paid.

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