Reactions As Beautiful Lady Leaks Love Messages From Her Gateman- [CHECK OUT]

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Temitope Akinrimisi, a young woman, tweeted her sadness at receiving a declaration of love from her gateman.

Temitope revealed that she was taken aback when she began receiving romantic messages from her gateman over WhatsApp.

The gateman expressed his long-held admiration for her in their tweets, revealing that he had been holding back until now.

He begged her to overlook the fact that he was the gatekeeper and give him a chance.

Temi tweeted up a screenshot of their conversation, writing, ” “Yes, the man at the gate really did confess his emotions for me. These days, I don’t even feel protected.”

thoughts However, some listeners responded by praising the gateman’s excellent English. People’s descriptions of his writing style often included the word “mathematical.”


Author Core Whale said: “This guy knows his numbers. Thus, he has an extensive education. If she puts some effort into him, he’ll give her the kind of love they’ve always yearned for. True love is what this generation needs to see. Omo.”


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