Reactions As Angry Man Flog His Girlfriend Mɛrcilessly After He Caught Her Cheating On Him [WATCH VIDEO]

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A young lady has cried out on social media after her boyfriend flogged her mɛrcilessly over alleged infidelity.

The incident reportedly happened on Monday, June 29 in Kwara state, at the home of her boyfriend named Fatai.

Man flog his girlfriend for cheating on him
Man flog his girlfriend for cheating on him

The girl identified as Aduke is an HND1 student of Bartholomew College of Health Shao, Kwara State.

According to a source familiar with the incident; “He invited her over and started quizzing her in-front of his friends.

Fatai accused Aduke of engaging in ‘hookup’ and proceeded to flogging her buttocks with a cane. She pleaded with him to have mercy claiming she was innocent of the cheating allegations but her plea fell to deaf ears.

After the incident, she took to her WhatsApp status to share gory pictures of the result of the flogging. The matter was reported to the police but they let the matter slide.



Watch the video below :


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