Public Call For Actions After A Driver Was Captured Inappropriately Touching A Student In His Car- [WATCH]

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A driver has attracted mixed reactions from Kenyans after a video clip was shared whereby he was inappropriately touching a female student. The video which was shared by Sikika Road Safety shows the driver extending his hand from his side before touching a female student who was sitting at the front seat.

However, the driver sensed that something was not right and looked behind him only to see a passenger who was sitting behind him recording him after suspecting that the driver might do something stupid. The young girl who was wearing high school uniform of unidentified school was seen resisting to be touched by the driver.

“That is a student and what you are going is wrong. Very very wrong.” The woman who recorded the video was captured saying in a very furious manner.


She went ahead to provide us with details of the matatu that the driver was driving. Details captured include the registration number which is KDD 109Y belonging to Maua Shark. Kenyans have now called upon the relevant authorities including the Nationa Transport and Safety Authority, Ministry of Transport to take actions against the driver.

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