Popular Pastor Dragged To Court For Impregnating The Wife Of His Church Member-[CHECK DETAILS]

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A popular pastor has been dragged before the Takoradi Circuit Court in the Western Region of Ghana for impregnating the wife of his church member. The pastor in question who is the defendant in the case is the leader and founder of the El-Shadai Outreach Ministry Church in Takoradi, Onyame Akoa Jude Nana Kwame Sarpong.

He is being accused of impregnating the wife of a member of his church and subsequently refusing to take responsibility for the child. The plaintiff, Regina Ankrah resides in Diabene, a community in the Sekondi Takoradi Metropolis, and was introduced to the church by his then-husband to be in 2014. The two were getting ready to tie the knot and needed the counselling of the pastor since he would be the one to bless the marriage.

The pastor saw the soon-to-be wife of his church member and started pouring out prophecies that the woman is married in the spiritual realm with the father and the marriage she is about to enter will not be successful. He told the woman that he will want her to perform some spiritual directions to enable her to be free from the spiritual marriage. The woman obliged and travelled to Kumasi in the Ashanti Region with the pastor. Here, she was going to inform her spiritual father officially about her marriage and the pastor opted to go with her.

The pastor lured the woman to a hotel in Kumasi and had the first direction. To the surprise of the woman, the direction of the pastor was to have an affair with her. He convinced her and slept with the woman in the hotel. This occurred just one week before the wedding of the woman and her husband. After the encounter, Pastor Jude Nana Sarpong told the woman that they will have to do a similar direction at another time. At this point, Plaintiff, Regina Ankrah became scared and started wondering why the defendant who is a pastor will go to the extent of sleeping with her in the name of spiritual direction.

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The marriage finally occurred in the same church. Even the night before the marriage, the pastor who hosted the lady and her bridesmaids at his mission house again had an affair with her. The marriage finally occurred the following day and the lady went home with her husband. The affair with the married woman did not cease even after the marriage to the extent that he had many intercourses with her.

Onyameakoa Jude Nana Kwame Sarpong further threatened the woman not to have an affair with the husband and even promised to marry her. The woman became pregnant along the way and could not inform the husband because he was not responsible. The pastor accepted the pregnancy and the marriage between the woman and the husband collapsed. He provided monthly chop money for the lady and the baby for a few months and has since stopped.

Now, he has neglected the woman and the baby. The woman is therefore in court seeking damages from the pastor. Apart from the plaintiff, several ladies from the church have alleged that the pastor has had intercourse with them and they believe he has extraordinary powers that make him more power to do whatever has happened to them. The case is currently in court and we will update readers on all proceedings.


Read the full court writ below

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