Police Officer CRIES Out Like a Baby After The Man’s Car He Entered By Force Says He Was Kidnapping Him -WATCH VIDEO

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Interestingly, a traffic Police Officer cried out for help after driver revealed he is kidnapping him in a new video, having entered his car unauthorized. 

Such an act has been one of the strategies the police officers implore in dealing with people when they see them flaw the law.

Justifying the narrative above, a viral video has shown moment a traffic officer called on “Jesus” repeatedly after a drift driver dealt with him for allegedly entering his car without any offence.

The drift driver was seen in the video trying to explain to the traffic officer why he shouldn’t enter his car, but he (traffic officer) was adamant and was heard asking if “he wants to kidnap him” and then telling him to “go ahead”.

However after the drift driver drove off seemingly at high speed with tyres screeching, the traffic officer was heard shouting “Jesus” before the drift driver allowed him to leave the car.


Watch the video below;


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