People With This Conditions Can Not Take Part In The Coronavirus Vaccination – GMA

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Pregnant women and children will not be allowed to take the covid-19 vaccine, the Ghana Medical Association(GMA) has indicated.

According the GMA and the Ghana Health Service (GHS), the vaccination will be deployed in three phases that would target population groups starting with health workers, security agencies, government officials, journalists and then the general public.

Speaking with Ekourba Gyasi Simpremu in a phone interview on Atinka TV’s morning show, Ghana Nie, the General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association, Dr Justice Yankson said the vaccine has been tested and safe for consumption but added that children and pregnant women are excluded.


He noted that for now, only those above 16 years will have the vaccine in the first phase of its rollout.

“Children below the ages of 16 are not part of it for now. But our focus is that ultimately, the vaccination will reach everyone in the country, but based on the manufacturers advise and the work that is still ongoing, children and pregnant women, for now, are not part of the process. But ultimately, everyone is included,” he said..”

He said although there are vaccines for children, covid-19 is a new disease in the system and so for now the manufacturer’s prescription exempts children and pregnant women from the vaccination.

Another reason he gave for exempting pregnant women and children from the vaccine was the fact that although children contract covid-19, adults, especially those with underlining health conditions face major risks

Meanwhile, he said the vaccine will also not be given to those who have contracted the disease.

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“If you contracted the disease and you have been treated that is different. But for those who have it at the time of vaccination are excluded, ” he said.

He added that those who have it without showing symptoms can also take it.

He also noted that the vaccine won’t cure the disease but will prevent people from contracting it.


He said the vaccine will also reduce the severity of the disease.


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