P3nis Health: Check Out 8 Things That Tell Your Private Part Is Not Healthy- [CHECK OUT]

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Several conditions that affect the penis often present with signs and symptoms that Indicate their diagnosis. There are also general signs to watch out for to determine the overall health of the penis. This helps to preserve both its reproductive and urinary functions.

According to an article by Cleveland Clinic, there are some signs and symptoms that might tell you that your penis isn’t healthy. Visually inspecting your penis on a regular basis is one way to stay aware of new signs or symptoms that could indicate problems.

Generally, you should not have the following on your p£nis:

1. Black and blue marks on your penis (bruises).

2. A painful, itchy rash

3. Blisters, warts or small red bumps

4. A mass

5. A painless sore on the shaft

6. A bend

7. Yellow or green discharge from the tip of your p£nis.


8. Swelling at the tip of your p£nis.


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