Our Demonstration Will Commence As Planned – NDC To Police [CHECK DETAILS]

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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Youth Wing has hinted their demo dubbed ‘A March for Justice’ will take place as planned.

According to the party, the police cannot stand in its way, adding that there is no law that allows the Police to stop demonstrations.

This comes on the back of a Police statement that noted the needed security could not be provided for the demo.

The Police, among other things, said that the restrictions imposed by the Executive Instrument (EI) 395 to contain the spread of coronavirus have not been lifted.

However, the party in response has described the reason as the weakest.

According to them, the EI 395 was birthed on the strength of section 2 of the Imposition of Restrictions Act, 2020 (Act 1012) and gazetted on December 23, 2020.

“It is instructive to note that, section 4 of Act 1012 provides that ‘a restriction imposed under subsection (1) of section (2) shall be for a period of not more than three months,” part of the statement read.

They further argued the power to stop lawful demonstration does not rest with the Police, hence, will carry out the demo without any hindrance on Tuesday, July 6, 2021.

“We have taken a decision to stand in for the several young people at the mercy of the injustices of this system; with lost hopes, no jobs, no opportunities and yet being killed and oppressed. Government must work for the generality of the people whose taxes finance the luxurious living and wishes of a select few in public service,” the statement added.

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Read the full statement below:



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