Once You Clock 30, Please Reduce Your Intake Of These 6 Foods To Avoid Suffering From Lung Cancer-[CHECK OUT]

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Lung cancer is one of the most popular kinds of cancer, that affects millions of people from across the globe. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), lung cancer is the most common type of cancer and it affects more than 42% of yearly cancer patients. Lung cancer is a type of cancer that affects the lungs of human beings. When a person has lung cancer, it means they have abnormal cells that cluster together to form a tumour.


And this life-threatening disease starts when the lungs are excessively being exposed to smoke, toxins and bacteria. Apart from the fact that lung cancer is highly linked to those who are addicted to smoking cigarettes, weed, and tobacco, there are also a whole lot of food substances that can cause it. And these days, it’s very common to see someone who doesn’t smoke, suffering from the dreaded disease called lung cancer.


These ailments affect the respiratory system negatively and make it extremely hard for a person to breathe normally. The cancer cells in the lungs can also spread into other parts of the human body, causing dire consequences. Before I go further into talking about the foods that cause lung cancer, below are some of the signs and symptoms of lung cancer;


Symptoms of Lung Cancer.

1. Chronic Cough (which often include blood).

2. Shortness of breath.

3. Loss of appetite.

4. Swollen lymph nodes.

5. Pain in the chest.

6. Loss of weight.

7. Pain in the ribs.

8. Hoarseness.

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Now that you have been enlightened about what lung cancer is all about and the symptoms of it, here are 6 foods you need to avoid once you clock the age of 30, in order not to suffer from lung cancer. See them below;

1. Sugary drinks.

Your lungs are part of your respiratory system which is responsible for your breathing and that makes it one of the most important and delicate organs of the human body. It doesn’t need to be disturbed with excess sugar at all.

2. Alcohol.


Just like sugary drinks, alcohol contains lots of factory processed substances which makes it difficult for the lungs to be healthy, especially when taken excessively.

3. Grilled or Barbecue meat/fish.


Excessive intake of grilled or barbecue foods is very dangerous to your health. This is because they have already absorbed excess smoke into them while being grilled.

4. Salty foods


Salty foods contain excess sodium and other harmful substances which could put your kidneys and your lungs in danger, so try to avoid eating any food that tastes salty once you cross the age of 30.

5. Cigarettes.


We all know those smoking cigarettes is actually the number one cause of lung cancer in the entire world. More than 70% of those suffering from lung cancer are addicted to smoking.

6. Deep Fried foods.

Once you clock the age of 30, please try as much as possible to avoid foods that bring deep-fried in hot fatty oil. It is extremely dangerous to you and may start to form toxins in your lungs which would eventually lead to cancer


Thanks for reading. Please share this article to your family and friends if you found it useful. It might save someone’s life from getting lung cancer!!!

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