Not All Journalists Are Upright: Massive Mixed Reactions Rock Social Media After TV3 Journalist Dropped Shocking Comment Nana Akufo Addo Made 

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There are several attacks on journalists in the country, and in some instances, they are even murdered and brutalized in a very painful manner.

After Anas’ right-hand man, Ahmed was assassinated following Kennedy Agyapong’s threatening comment, International human right organizations and Journalists Associations strongly came together to condemn such barbaric act, yet this phenomenon seems not to be ending anytime soon.

Just look at what happened to Citi TV’s journalist, Caleb Kudah; the abuse he faced, coupled with the threat?

Although the perpetrators of such act were exposed to face the law, there are other hidden happenings that need to be interrogated and investigated to bring to bear the true nature of sanctions due them.

Ideally, justice does not take its due course appropriately against people who violate the law in the country.

This particularly, has made it extremely difficult for our able journalists to capture stories that comprehensively reveal certain underground corrupt practices done by our leaders.

Look at how they sacrifice their lives, time and resources to go to very remote communities whose names are even missing on the map, just to ensure that they also have a share of the national cake, and as well bring hope to such residents.

It is very true that some journalists have put on a political lens in order to capture and report stories that holistically favour their “men”.

This practice, I think must be tracked and exposed by the Ghana Journalists Association and other stakeholders in order to bring sanity and decency in the Ghanaian Journalism arena.

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Meanwhile, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has recently revealed that: “Not all Journalists are upright.”

After Roland Walker shared this story on his Facebook page, many Ghanaians have shared their views and opinions on the subject matter.


Below are some of their reactions:

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