No Way, “We Cannot Sit Down And Watch Our People Suffer Because Of One Man”- Kennedy Agyapong Boldly Speaks

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PAULLINGUAL.COM has convened that all is not well with the financier of the ruling NPP party as he lashed out at NDC financier, Mr. Agbesi Woyome

Per what our portal gathered Hon. Kennedy Agyapong is poised at doing everything humanly possible to make sure that Ghanaians do not suffer. The money which was wrongfully paid to the Mr. Agbesi Woyome could have been used to provide a lot for Ghanaians.

In recent years, the business tycoon of the opposition NDC party named Alfred Agbeshi Woyome has faked Ghanaians with more than 51 million Ghanaians taxes(i.e. government money).


Many African countries have heard the news and there is a lot of concern in the country. Since the NDC was defined as corrupt in the years of former President John Evans Atah Mills, the opposition nuclear power plant in the government can no longer stand there, may his soul rest in peace.

Concerns have been raised about competent individuals such as Honors and other elite and respected officials.

After an interview with Alfred Agbeshi Wyome on Kofi TV. He said Ghanaians should be patient and forgiving. But it seems that the revered Kennedy Agyapong is nowhere near as patient as he claims.

“We can no longer sit around to see how our people are available to someone. People are starving and he’s not even trying to pay back the loan he took from the corrupt NDC government.”


After he had said this, several Ghanaians reacted in their views on the matter.

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  1. The NPP government is the most corrupt, hypocrites and undemocratic people if not rebels. 500 state excavators stolen; Akufo Addo cleared his appointees of wrongdoing, yet those EXCAVATORS are gone for good. 500 state tricycles stolen, Akufo Addo cleared his appointees, yet the tricycles are gone for good. PDS, BOST contaminated fuel, agyapa Fraudulentrotten deal, which earned Akufo Addo the honourary title “MOTHER SERPENT 🐍 OF CORRUPTION, yet Akufo Addo still shenaniganly look into the faces of Ghanaians and told us that, the rotten deal is coming back to parliament. Did Akufo Addo got to the Jubillee house with his STRENGTH OR MIGHT without the mandate of Ghanaians? I wonder if Akufo Addo has respect for Ghanaians, or he has advisors to advise him? The Corruption Nonsense disrespect and arrogance of Nana Addo towards the Constitution and Ghanaians is inconceivable and Regrettable. That old man is not a leader material whatsoever. Get that crook out of there for us to continue enjoying our peace and democracy. He won’t account for covid funds to Ghanaians too. What sort of a useless person is that? Get the crook out of the Jubillee house.

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