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The peels of pineapple are highly filled with a lot of medicinal qualities but the majority of consumers are not aware.

Traditionally, pineapple peels if boiled together with pawpaw leaves offer a great deal of relieving to sick people when it is drinking at least twice daily.

Waist pains and pains caused by inflammation can be eased with tea produced from boiled pineapple peels.

It drives away all pains within seconds, cures ulcer and severe cough too.

Boiled Pineapple peels have the ability to nourish the body.

All you have to do is to boil and drink it.

Provided below are some of the chemical constituent of Pineapple peel;

Calcium oxalate, Bromelain enzyme, Pectic substances (Pectin), Fiber, Cellulose, Pentose

Boiled pineapple peel also has the medicinal ability to stop bleeding from the Nose if it is drank regularly.

You can give it a sweet taste by adding some amount of honey to it.

It also drives away weakness.

Pineapple peels are very effective in curing weaknesses by offering energy and increasing blood circulation.

It also boosts the immune system

Pineapple peels are also very effective in boosting the immunity of our body by helping it fighting against disease-causing microorganisms including viruses, fungi, bacteria and so on.

Boiled Pineapple peels Control Diabetes


Drinking boiled pineapple peels helps in normalising blood sugar, insulin, and lipid levels.

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