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While certain foods can enhance your sex drive, there are other foods that are a complete no-no area before s3x.

Just imagine you went out with a hot date, and after a romantic dinner, you are in the mood for some sexercise — happens to all of us, doesn’t it?

But just then, your stomach shows its disapproval: you feel heavily bloated, and your libido drops down too!

You might wonder what happened all of a sudden, but it is the food you ate at dinner playing spoilsport.

We are all aware of the kinds of food that can turn the heat up in the bedroom, but how about those that kill the vibe?

That is why we are here to tell you about all the foods you must avoid, if you are looking for some s3xy time with your date:

1. Cheese:

If you are lactose intolerant, then you certainly must steer clear of cheese! Mozzarella, ricotta or even cottage cheese are high in lactose, and can cause severe discomfort in your stomach.

And we are sure you really do not want to feel disappointed after that date?

So, avoid those cheesy pizzas, pastas or even burgers, if you plan on getting laid tonight!

2. Spicy food:

If you want to spice up your s3x life, then it is time to avoid hot foods before s3x.

Spicy food can cause acid reflux, indigestion or even trigger you to go to the loo a thousand times! Not something you’d like, is not it?

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Spicy food won’t spice up your s3x life.

3. Beans:

You might love gorging on burrito bowls, hummus or anything that’s made out of beans, but it’s best to avoid these foods before lovemaking. Beans contain sugar molecules that are quite hard for the body to digest, and by the time it reaches your colon, the bacteria turns these molecules into a lot of gas!

And you don’t want to be farting away all night for sure!

4. Onions and garlic:

We all know how onion and garlic can give us bread breath, but that’s not all: they can also alter the odour of your secretions. Eww! Yes, it’s true. Pungent foods are a big no-no before s3x, so just stay away from caramelised onions or your favourite garlic chutney before the big night!

5. Desserts:

If sweet treats make you go weak in the knees, then there’s some bad news for you. All those sugar-laden cakes and cookies can destroy your s3x experience.

That is because desserts are loaded with trans fat and sugar, and can prevent you from reaching the big O.

That’s not all: the sweetness also increases the insulin levels in your body, and that’s not what you want in the bedroom!

6. Starchy carbs:

We all know junk food means an overload of carbs, but consuming too much can reduce your blood sugar levels, and that will make you super sluggish! If you want to spice up your s3x life, ditch any carb-heavy meal like fries, rice or pastas.

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7. Soy products:

Soy might be healthy, but consuming excessive amounts can cause hormonal imbalance, and that means low libido! So, if you are a vegan, avoid soy before a hot and heavy session in the bedroom.

8. Carbonated drinks:

It is a no-brainer that carbonated drinks are unhealthy, but guess what, they are the worst beverage to have before s3x! That’s because it can make you bloated and gassy.

You don’t want your lovemaking session to be interrupted by farts and burps! Gross, isn’t it?

9. Alcohol:

You might think getting drunk can spice things up, but turns out it can be a buzz killer. Alcohol increases melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep and also alters your libido. This in turn can make you sluggish and not so ready for s3x!

10. Salty food:

Last but not the least, avoid salty food before s3x! That is because foods loaded with salt make you feel bloated in no time.


Apart from that, it can also prevent you from reaching an orgasm by reducing your blood flow. You clearly don’t want that, right?


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