Never Eat Cassava Under This Condition… It’s Highly Poisonous To Your Health- [CHECK OUT]

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The big question is; Is cassava toxic?

People should not under any condition eat cassava raw, because it contains naturally occurring forms of cyanide, which are toxic to ingest.

In fact soaking and cooking cassava makes these compounds harmless.

Eating raw or incorrectly prepared cassava can trigger severe side effects.

Even in places where cassava is a well-known part of the diet, reports have identified many hazards of eating it and taking in too much active cyanide, including:

1. Paralyzed legs in children

2. low levels of iodine
increased risk of goiter

3. Tropical ataxic neuropathy, a condition that is more common in older adults and causes a loss of feeling in the hands, poor vision, weakness, walking problems, and the sensation of something being on the feet

4. Intoxication and eventual death

In addition to containing naturally occurring cyanide, cassava can also absorb pollutants from the area in which it grows, which can be close to roads and factories.

The pollutants that cassava plants may take up and pass along to humans include:

1. trace metal elements

2. pesticides

3. herbicides

Here Is How to prepare cassava safely;

Due to cassava’s cyanide content, people should ensure the cassava comes from a trustworthy supplier.

They should also take the following steps when cooking:

Peel the cassava root.
Slice or cut it into small pieces.
Soak them in water.

Boil them until tender and very well cooked.

Discard any cooking water.

Baking, frying, or boiling may be appropriate.

However, people should follow the instructions on the packaging.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Trusted Source, people should soak the tubers of sweet cassava in water for 4–6 days.


People should also follow these steps when using frozen cassava.

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