Naomi Gold And Wanlov Kubolor Spotted Doing D0ggy Style On Live TV; Causes Massive Reaction -[WATCH VIDEO]

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Social media in Ghana took a different turn after a video of two person doing the unthinkable on live TV hits online.

In more detail, popular Ghanaian nvdist, Naomi Gold has swept Ghanaians off their feet once more after being spotted s3ducing and giving Wanlov Kubolor hot d0ggy style on live TV.

The fast-rising social media sensation who is noted for flaunting her inner body to the camera for fame and attention was seen with the musician on ‘Odo Nkomo’ show aired on TV Africa practising how real d0ggy s#x style is done.

In the video, it could easily be identified that Wanlov the Kubolor was acting innocent out of shyness.

On the other hand, Naomi whose brand is all about nudity was busily grinding the musician in styles.

The footage has attracts much attention and also generates mixed reactions from social media users who privy to it.

Many have taken bold step to register their displeasure while others gasping for more styles show.

Watch Video Below as scooped for our cherished readers….



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