NaCCA Roll-Out The New Subjects To Be Taught To JHS 1 Students -[CHECK OUT]
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PAUL LINGUAL has established that NaCCA has finally made known the new subjects it has introduced into the education system of Ghana.

In view of this, the Ghana Education Service in collaboration with the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) is organizing a five-day trainer of trainers’ workshop for the new curriculum named Common core Programme (CPP).

According to an inside source, the CPP for the Junior High School (JHS 1) has taken a new view as there are new subjects to be taught as well as an increase in the number of subjects.

The source added, Junior High School two (JHS 2) and the Junior High School Three (JHS 3) will still be taught their old subjects. Education stakeholders especially teachers are to note that the changes start from basic six (B6) moving to JHS 1.

However, the total number of courses to be studied by students or taught by teachers will sum up to twelve (12), that is if the literacy is split.

The subjects include Mathematics, Literacy (English, Ghanaian language, French, and Arabic), Integrated science, computing, creative arts, and design, social studies, career technology, Religious and Moral Education, Career Technology, physical and Health Education.


Literacy (English Language, Ghanaian Language, French, and Arabic)
Integrated science
Creative Arts and Design
Social Studies
Career Technology
Religious and Moral Education (RME)
Physical and Health Education

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