NABCo Opens Portal For Permanent Job Application -[APPLY HERE NOW]

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The career pathway portal has been opened for all NABCo personnel who want to work as a permanent employee to apply.

Below are the step by step procedures to help you login and fill the portal.

How to fill the NABCo trainees transition form
To start with the process, Visit the NABCo permanent job portal HERE. Enter your NABCo number and password then follow the procedures below

  1. Update your profile
    Click on the camera icon to upload a profile picture.
    Upload Copy of Ghana Card
    Input your career objectives in the input field.
    Enter your Ghana Card Number in the input field.Choose a Career Pathway
  2. At this stage, you are to choose ONE career pathway from the following and fill;

Permanent Employment
Choose your preferred sector Company.
Select other service sectors and Input your desired sector company in the input field.
State Sector of Area of Interest, StateLocation: Town/District/Region,
Upload Copy of Business proposal, State
Skills required to actualize your Interest,
Upload Copy of Business Plan, and State other core resources in the section..
Career-focused learning
State Sector or Area of Interest
State why you require learning &skills development in the areas/sectors entered,
State which career would this further learning lead you to in the section
3. Curriculum Vitae
This step requires you to fill in the tabs with the necessary information


Fill the educational details form.
Click on the Save button
Work Experience
Fill the Experience details form
Click on the Save button
Select your preferred option in the section by clicking on each input field
Check the box in the section if the language is your Mother Tongue.
If you have LPE (Language Proficiency Examination), Check the box in the section
Click save
Add Nabco skills Training and Learning:
Click on the Skills and Training Tab
Input Title of Training, Facilitator.
Select Online/Physical, Start Date, and End Date.
If the training was done online, provide the link/website to the training.
If training was done physically, provide the location of the training.
Click on the Add Nabco Training and Learning button to add a Nabco skill and learning.
4. Core Experience and Career Expectation
State what you have done in the past 3 years. (In terms of profession/occupation) in the section.
State what you have achieved in terms of additional learning, skills development, monitoring & coaching, workplace
contribution, and recognition in the section.
Click on the Save and Continue button to move to the next step
5. Career Interest and Statement
Provide a brief summary of your career Interests in the section.
Provide a personal statement section.
Click on the Submit button to move to the next step.
6. Upload Certified Copies of Certificates
Uploaded Certified Copies of Certificate are displayed in the
Select Certificate, Awarding Institution, and Click on the Choose
File button to upload Certificate in the section.
Click on the Upload Certificate button 30 to upload Certified
Copies of Certificates.
Click on the Continue button to proceed
Review all your entries and submit

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