My P3nis Disappeared After Sleeping With Her – Man Shares His Experience With A Stranger

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A young man has shared his encounter with a stranger in an interview today. The interview was on Akoma FM today. The young man said that his “manhood” vanished after sleeping with a stranger. The interviewer became very shocked when the young man said this so he had to explain all that he said.

According to all that the man said in the interview, he was a virgin who wanted to be in a relationship. Meaning he needed a girlfriend and also, she wanted to break his virginity. At first, he got a Nigerian girlfriend. He dated her for months but he didn’t marry her. He even gave her money to go back to Nigeria. After all this, the relationship got destroyed.

“I am a young virgin who needs a girlfriend because I see am growing and I need to have a family. At first, a got a girl who was from Nigeria that I was dating. It got to a point whereby she needed to go back to Nigeria so I managed to give her money for transport.

When she went back to Nigeria, we continued talking. I even started having conversations with her mum. All of a sudden they blocked my number. I couldn’t call them again so I forgot about them. I don’t know what I did to them though.

As time went on, I saw a stranger and we became friends. I invited her to my house and I slept with her. That was my first time sleeping with someone.


As I was sleeping with her, I felt I wasn’t sleeping with a normal human so I stopped doing it. All of a sudden, my “manhood” vanished after sleeping with her. I mean the size of my “manhood” reduced immediately and was left with the tip,” the man said in the interview.

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After he saw these changes in his body, he rushed to the girl to ask if he did something wrong but the girl said no. This story is very serious. We must be careful with the kind of people we come across.

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