My Ex-Boyfriend Nearly Died In Bed, I Need Stronger Man Who Can Handle Me;Beautiful Lady Cried Out-[WATCH VIDEO]

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A beautiful lady in towel during her narration about what happened between her and papa made mention of the fact that, Papa wouldn’t let her rest. He would always be at her doorstep asking her for one chance to give her strokes. Lust wouldn’t make him think straight as all he was doing was begging for a chance to enter the magical hole.


The lady claims she dislikes men who come to her and perform poorly in bed and for that matter, she didn’t want to risk having any affair with Papa since she had no idea about his performance. The pleas of Papa kept on heightening and she could no more take it. She had to accept that offer and be free other than continually rejecting it and being disturbed.


Fast forward she took him to the hospital so they could screen him for hepatitis B and HIV which he tested negative. That means the green light had been given, they could go ahead to play the bedroom game. She claims she uses a certain cream which tightens her hole and makes it very firm which Papa had no idea about.


Well, she used the product before the affair and looking at her expressions and the way she talked, you could see that she is a veteran when it comes to playing the game. A few minutes into the game saw Papa asking her to kindly let him go since he could no longer face the battle. She claims he was shouting like a little boy and was acting like a person going to pass out.

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Luckily, for him escaped death but instead of fleeing, he wants to taste the fruit one more time. Some guys are really tarnishing the image of all guys out there. Well, this lady claims she no more needs a man who will make her scared about dying, she would rather need strong men who will go the end of the road with her. Anyone ready to teach her a lesson?


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