Meet The Man Without ‘Brains’ And Still, Alive That Is Causing Confusing Online-[SEE PHOTOS]

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From the moment he was born, he was totally average, with no physical characteristics that stood out among his peers. Carlos contacted a bad company as a youth and began abusing alcohol and narcotics. When he was 14 years old, he experienced a tragedy that forever changed his life.

Carlos stole a car and was involved in an accident while under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The teen went through the windshield and hit his head on the asphalt during the crash. Doctors were able to save his life, but a large portion of his skull and brain had to be removed.

The patient, who had lost much of his brain, did not improve at all after all of the operations and the recovery time. He was able to maintain all of his memories and mental skills. Carlos Rodriguez, despite being a “man without a brain” (as illustrated by the photo in this particular article), continues to smile, is able to support dialogue on a variety of subjects, and reacts quickly and accurately to the questions asked.

Scientists are also confused as to how one can survive without a brain and maintain the majority of mental functions. The nerve endings in the abdominal region are partly replaced by the nerve endings in the brain, according to a common scientific theory.


Multiple brains exist in humans, one in the skull, one in the heart, one in the stomach, and so on. According to Quranic teachings, the heart, not the brain, is the core of human consciousness and conscience. This person may be relying on his other brains to perform these tasks.

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