Meet The Man If Made Running Mate Will Help NPP Win 2024 Elections

Meet The Man If Made Running Mate Will Help NPP Win 2024 Elections
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Per our observation made so far after the end of the 2020 elections, we realized that there is one man in the New Patriotic Party if made the running mate for the party will contribute enormously to seeing them win power again.

Per all the analysis made so far he appeared to be the most suitable person to carry the mantle and undoubtedly will help win power.

The defense minister Hon. Dominic Nitiwul, the MP for Nanumba North Constituency is the person being talked about here.

He has a very rich and solid record in the NPP party coming from the Northern Region and his contributions can never be underestimated.

Hon. Nitiwul who is people’s favorite has won for the NPP party five solid times, having the party’s presidential candidate wins on all the occasion.

He has contributed tremendously in parliament as an outspoken MP in parliament on issues which are in the interest of the country.

Aside from the above mentioned he belongs to one of the biggest tribe in the country and his persona has won him many hearts.

Brief history has it that, Dominic Nitiwul studied in various educational institutions in Ghana, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Dominic completed his O level at St Charles Secondary and Seminary School in 1992.

In Germany, he earned certificates in conflict prevention (2003) and conflict management (2005) from the International Academy for Leadership.

He obtained his Master of Business Administration in finance from the University of South Wales, and a Master of Laws in corporate finance from the University of Westminster.

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He is currently the MP-elect for the firth time in the Nanumba North Constituency and Minister of Defense.


Note: The writer of this piece is not influence by anything. Does not hold membership of any political party. It is an observation worth sharing.

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