Meet A Woman With The Current Biggest Backside In The World According To Record- [ SEE PHOTOS]

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Mikel Ruffinelli is a 50-year-old American woman. She currently holds the Guinness record for the widest butt with the largest backside in the world. 

Ruffinelli was born a normal-sized girl in Los Angeles, California, United States, but reaching her early 20s, she began weighing one hundred and eighty pound in weight. At the age of twenty two, she amassed fifty six pound in weight after conceiving her first child, Andrew. However, after her other children, Destynee, Autumn, and Justyce were born, her weight and backside increased more and more. Her weight is more than four hundred and twenty pounds and her hips measures an unusual eight feet in circumference, although her waist is only three feet four inches.


She is known for consuming an average of five thousand calories per day. It is possible that this her unusual accumulation of fat tissue is an advanced stage of a medical condition called lipedema. According to Ruffinelli, in a documentary called World’s Biggest Hips, she stated that she does not diet because, in spite of her unusually large figure, she has no health problems.

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