Meet 25-Year Old Lady Who Menstruates Through Her Eyes During Her Period

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In fact, such situations are highly unusual and do not happen.

This 25-year-old young lady has a strange ailment and suffers blood streaming out of both her eyes at the conclusion of every month.

Unlike other ladies, in the last two months, this lady has suffered from this uncommon condition.


During her hospital visit, she said that her blood tears oozed from both eyes when she was in her time.

According to experts, the tears of blood are unknown and can be triggered by many factors.

She was neither ill nor damaged in the situation of this lady after her inspection.

Some ladies may have very irritating and painful menstruation and sometimes produce bleeding outside of the uterus.

This condition of the lady however puzzled the doctors when it was inspected, they found that they didn’t have any eye problems following the blood tears, nor do they feel any headache or dizziness.

Consequent to more research, the doctors disclosed that her disease was known as “vicarious menstrual,” and her nipples, ears, and nose may possibly be caused by vibrations.

The doctor has identified ways to treat her with oral contraceptives and the lady hasn’t had any bleeding after a few months.

Strange things are happening.

About Vicarious Mensuration


Bloody tears or haemolacria is a rare clinical entity. It is caused by various ocular and systemic conditions. Haemolacria due to vicarious menstruation is even rarer.

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