Massive Stir As Woman Marries Her Dog After 220 Failed Relationships; Wedding Photos Hits Online And Goes Viral-[SEE PHOTOS]

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When you think that you have seen it all, then another one also drops. Indeed the world is full of surprises and strange happenings. Who would have thought that a human being in his or her righteous stable mind will ever think of marrying an animal? Every day, new records are being set by people all over the globe.

Elizabeth Hoad, a 49-years-old British citizen in London got the whole world surprised after she tied the knot with her pet dog, Logan. Elizabeth Hoad is the first person to set that record in the whole world. The event took place on a live morning TV show as few people were gathered to witness their union.

When she was asked later in an interview why she made the decision to marry her pet dog instead of a human being, the lady stated that she did it because she had four failed engagements and 220 dates that did not work out. She has also experimented with male and female partnerships. She also stated that she had experienced a great deal of heartbreak and disappointment in her past relationships before meeting her dog and falling in love.

Below are some pictures of the two wedded “couple”


Do you think it morally acceptable for a human to marry a dog all in the name of love? In fact, is it even possible for a human to develop a romantic feeling for a dog to the extend of tying the knot with it? How is this act abominable in our religions and societies? Tell us your mind in the comments section below.

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