Massive Stir As Small Boy And Girlfriend Spotted Booking Hotel Room -WATCH SHOCKING VIDEO

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It shock you to know that morality among the youth is something beyond comprehension, despite many religious institutions we this Country.

Obviously, young boys and girls engaging in promiscuous activities has become sort of a norm.

Just when we thought these acts are done in secrecy, two young guys have proven us wrong.

A young boy and a girl believed to be dating have been spotted at a hotel.

They actually have walked to the hotel reception to book a room for their privacy.

The video after hitting online attracts much attention and also generates mixed reactions from social media users, as it appeared unusual to them.

Many having watched it went on to register their displeasure, while others make mockeries at the them.

What do you also think about this?. Drop your comment in the section below and let’s get the conversion going.


They were captured by a hotel staff who shared the video on social media.

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