Massive Stir As Lady Serves Member Hot Slap During Stage Play In Church, Video Goes Viral- [WATCH VIDEO]

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A young lady slapped another person hard on the cheek during a stage drama in the church and got members startled.

A video of a stage play in a church has got many people laughing hard. A lady slapped her fellow actor hard during their drama.

slap during stage play in church

The slap was so loud that members who were in their seats could not stop laughing. Despite the slap, the play continued uninterrupted.

People were shocked that a play on the pulpit would have such an act of reality as a heavy slap acted with precision.

Some of the people who reacted to the video on Instagram said the lady acted in a manner that seems personal.


Netizens who reacted to the video said the slap seemed to have been dished out from a place of personal vendetta.

Watch the video below:

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