Massive Stir As Angry Woman Charged Her Husband $2Million For Messing With Her Feelings At Night In Court-[SEE DETAILS]

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Woman pleaded with court that, her husband Owes her 2million for messing with her feelings at night  for many years after getting married to him.

Leah, a wife of Dickson however she appears to be dissatisfied with their union. The couple has been together for the past three years.

She alleges that her spouse has failed to fulfill his responsibilities and simply provides money support, causing her emotional distress.

The woman also claims that Dickson has been leaving her alone at home on Fridays while he goes out with his ex-girlfriend. To top it off, Leah believes that Dickson Nyairo has a sexual relationship with his male Italian boss.

Dickson believes their interactions were business-related since the ex-girlfriend he met worked for a company that distributes goods to Dickson’s company.


Leah has filed a $2 million lawsuit against her husband for failing to execute his marital duties after her conjugal rights were denied. Dickson is willing to go to any length as long as they keep together.

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