Massive Reactions As Wedding Invitation Printed On Real Money Hits Online -WATCH

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Shockingly, PAULLINGUAL.COM has seen a viral photo of a wedding invitation printed on real money, which worth sharing. 

This has sparked endless talk among  people on social media because it appeared unusual to them.

Per what our portal saw the invitation was designed like N500 note and many people couldn’t believe their eyes after it was shared on Twitter.

Tweep with the handle @Abdulhamied_AA posted the invitation on his page. It is written on the invitation that the wedding will hold on Saturday, June 4.

Check it below;


This, however, attracts lots of reactions on social media. See below for their some of the comments;

@Natasha Christianabel: Is the Hausa’s nothing will be done but let it be other tribe they will be summoned even before sharing all to the guest. This is such a disrespect to this country what am I even saying when we don’t have laws…. Mtchewwww Congratulations to the couple I wish them happy married life.

@Theophilus Tyav: It’s just one dollar though….that’s by the way. On a serious note, this is against the law and the central bank of Nigeria should alert the DSS and the police to do the needful and arrest all those involved in this nonsense.

@Kingsley Chinedu Braimah: Where there’s no #law in the land , many things a bound to happen…. That’s one of the national identity of a Nation some individuals who felt they have more than enough just destroyed….. On a normal day , these people would have been fined in such a way they wouldn’t have enough money to carry out the wedding ceremony again…. But hey 😀😀😀 !! Welcome to Nigeria 🇳🇬 where the law doesn’t hold shit 😏😏😏


@Maruf AyoOla Samot These Northerners are our problem… Nothing more Nothing less… The government have seen this illegal, inappropriate misuse of our currency, but they won’t take any action because they are Northerners… Northerners can commit crime but won’t be penalized. Nigeria was a country.

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