Massive Reactions As Tilapia Drops This Image Concerning Allowances-[SEE IMAGE]

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Since the New Patriotic Party took office in 2017, the first and second ladies of the Republic of Ghana have been heavily chastised for receiving an allowance. Concerned Ghanaians have made several calls and criticisms. Many individuals believe that the money paid and expected to be paid to the president’s current and former spouses were not for the country’s benefit, but for their own personal gain. Some people believe the funds should be utilized to fund development projects in the country, such as the construction of schools and the purchase of desks and tables for schoolchildren.

The criticism prompted the first lady to decline the allowance, promising to return any funds provided to her since 2017. Mrs Samira Bawumia, the second lady, followed suit a few hours later, rejecting the allowances and promising to reimburse the funds, just like the first lady. Madam Lordina Mahama, the former first lady, has been urged to pay all money owed to her while the National Democratic Congress was in power.


Tilapia the Cartoonist, as usual, cannot remain silent when it comes to such difficult topics. As a result, he has taken the opportunity to add his professional voice to the ongoing debate. A caricature of the president is depicted seated on a bed in his artwork, as his wife, madam Rebecca Akuffo Addo, approaches him with a suitcase containing all of the money owed to her.

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