Massive Reactions As Ghanaian Female Musician Removes Her P@nties While Performing On Stage;, Ghanaians Can’t Stop Reacting- [WATCH VIDEO+ PHOTOS]

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Some Ghanaians believe that if a female musician’s songs are of good quality, she does not need to remove her clothing on stage to show that she can truly dazzle her followers. Female artists only expose their bodies when they are producing poor-quality music but still want their songs to be popular.

This is the case of the Ghanaian female musician in your picture. Looking at the images in this article, you can see that a lady is removing her panties while performing on stage. One cannot tell what came over her to do that but people at the event started shouting in excitement when they saw that she is removing her panties.

Others also grabbed their mobile phones and started recording her. This is a lady who is naturally endowed with a huge backside and breast. Her dress was also so short that any little mistake she make will expose her ‘vagina’ to the fans. It appears some people were even able to see her thing when she bend down to get off her panties from her legs.

Some of the words in her song are “Most men in this era love sex”. This might be the reason why she decided to remove her panties. Some Ghanaians after coming across this video said that this is an underground female musician who is desperate to trend for her unpopular song.

Check out some of the reactions from some Ghanaians below:



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