Massive Reactions After Picture Of Rapper AY Poyoo Grinding Beautiful Female Singer Tundra Butt0cks Hits Online And Goes Viral-[WATCH]

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Ghanaian rapper AY Poyoo who is popularly known as the Face Of GH Rap has caused a lot of reactions on social media. The comments are all coming as a result of a picture he posted on his social media account.

The “GOAT” hitmaker is seen in the picture grinding the backside of singer Lorraine Lionheart. Lorraine Lionheart is a singer who originates from Botswana. She was in Ghana recently for a show which was dubbed the “Tropical”. The show featured a lot of A-List Musicians and other performers. She invited rapper AY Poyoo on stage and they gave a mouthwatering performance.

See some pictures of their performance on stage;After these pictures surfaced on social media, a lot of people have reacted to the video.


Let’s see some comments from people;

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